Are they, aren’t they? Priyanka Chopra celebrates 36th birthday with rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas

by Nayab

Priyanka Chopra celebrated her birthday with a romantic night out on the town with rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas.

The actress’ 36th birthday celebrations took place at The Chiltern Firehouse in London and she wore a classic monochrome outfit. She and not-so-secret beau Nick Jonas left the venue with their arms wrapped around each other.

priyanka chopra birthday

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated her birthday in style (Image Source: Instagram/Viral Bhayani)

priyanka chopra birthday

The evening started off with a beautiful dessert plate (Image Source: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra)

The ‘Quantico’ actress gave fans a tiny glimpse of the celebrations when she shared a loaded dessert plate on her Instagram story. The plate had ‘Happy Birthday, Priyanka’ written on it in loopy, slanted writing. Priyanka was overjoyed at the display, writing, “And it starts. Yay!!” on top of the photo. Nick Jonas was apparently the mastermind behind the whole evening, according to ET.

Nick and Priyanka also enjoyed a quiet lunch earlier in the week. They met up with Nick’s brother, Joe Jonas and his fiancée Sophie Turner. Their eldest brother Kevin Jonas was also in attendance and all of them seemed to have had a really good time. Even though the couple have been going out on all sorts of romantic outings, they have yet to officially confirm their relationship, something fans find very confusing.

Not only have they been popping up at events arm in arm, Nick also flew all the way to Mumbai, India, to visit Priyanka’s mother and family. At the time, fans surmised that he had gone to get his girlfriend’s mother’s approval! While nothing was confirmed, he did spend a lot of time with Priyanka’s family and seemed to be enjoying himself there.


Nick and Priyanka have been seen out and about a lot recently (Image Source: Instagram/My Desigirl PC)


Nick also flew to Mumbai to meet Priyanka’s mom! (Image Source: Instagram/ELGLTZ)

Their liaison started off in a subtle fashion, however. Priyanka spoke to Jimmy Kimmel earlier and talked about the possibility of a relationship between her and Nick. She said that they arrived together at the Met Gala last year and that had been pre-planned. “We already knew each other,” she revealed, “So he was like ‘Hey, you wanna go together?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, okay, let’s go together.’” And from then on, they got on like a house on fire. The actress didn’t reveal further details of when or where they initially met. Even though there’s no official announcement, sparks have been flying between them and it’s impossible to miss the chemistry!

A source close to the pair told Us Weekly, “Nick is super into Priyanka.” The source also revealed that while Nick is crazy about his lady love, he’s not ‘the type to rush into an engagement.’ However, they added that ‘it wouldn’t be surprising if they got engaged.’ Nick seems to be holding on to his patience for now, though. Another insider added on to this information, saying, “No one would be surprised if Nick proposed to her in the next year.”


Their relationship is still unconfirmed (Image Source: Instagram/Btown_Bollywood_News)


They arrived together at the Met Gala last year (Image Source: Instagram/My Desigirl PC)

Nick is certainly not working hard to keep anything under wraps. He took to Instagram, sharing a video of Priyanka laughing. He captioned the sweet video with “Her” and added the heart eyes emoji alongside. For any fan who saw that, there could be no doubt about his feelings. The ‘Jealous’ singer also took Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding, where she mingled with his extended family. They arrived holding hands and were very happy throughout the night.

Happy birthday, Priyanka!

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