Jason Mraz has opened up about his ‘two spirit sexuality’ in honor of Pride Month: he has love for both men and women

by Asfa Shakeel

Jason Mraz has opened up about his ‘two spirit sexuality’ and experiences with men in the past. His wife helped him discover his hidden sexuality.

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz has opened up about his ‘two spirit sexuality’. (Image source: Instagram/Jason Mraz)

A month ago, Mraz penned a poem to the LGBTQ community. The poem was part of a series where Billboard asked prominent pop culture writers to pen down ‘love letters’ to the LGBTQ community, and the I’m Yours singer agreed. The poem included the lines, “You have inspired me. / Re-wired me.“, “You stood up for me. / You stood up for the world.“, and  “I am bi your side.”

Jason Mraz

He wrote a poem for the LGBTQ community. (Image source: Instagram/Jason Mraz)

The singer has now opened up to Billboard about how writing that poem made him realize things about himself as well. He said, “Honestly, I didn’t realize it was going to be so telling. But I’ve had experiences with men, even while I was dating the woman who became my wife. It was like, ‘Wow, does that mean I am gay?’ And my wife laid it out for me. She calls it ‘two spirit,’ which is what the Native Americans call someone who can love both man and woman. I really like that.”

Mraz met his wife, Christina Carano, in 2007. They started dating in 2011 and got married in October 2015. He wrote a sweet and short dedication to her on Instagram on their wedding day, writing, “Today I was made the luckiest man in the world.

Jason Mraz

He married his wife in 2015. (Image source: Instagram/Jason Mraz)

Carano also talked about their relationship while speaking to The Osider. She said, “After several years of crushing on him, the stars finally aligned—and now he’s my stud. We’ve created a really awesome life together and we make a great team. He’s the most loving, generous, and most hardworking man I know. These are the most attractive qualities I could ever ask for in a partner. He inspires me and empowers me every day to live my best life and he cares so deeply about the things that really matter. We’re truly blessed in so many ways.

Jason Mraz

His wife said the two make a really good pair. (Image source: Instagram/Jason Mraz)

Read the full poem below:

“Love Poem to the LGBTQ Community

Dear You,
Thank you.
You have inspired me.
Re-wired me.
You showed me what strength is.
You demonstrated courage over and over again.
You risked so much for love.
You never compromised your expression
Even when
Your rights and freedoms were being compromised.
You stood up for me.
You stood up for the world.
And now the world is better because of you.
We still have a long way to go
But know
I am bi your side.
All ways.

Jason Mraz”

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