Boyfriend for sale: Arab woman sells ex-boyfriend online under the Animals category

by Asfa Shakeel

Boyfriend for sale: an Alexandria-based woman took to an online retail platform to sell her ex under the ‘animals’ category, saying she had no other options.

Boyfriend for sale: an Arab woman tried to sell her boyfriend on OLX. (Image source: Facebook/Nour El-din Fkronh)

The unidentified woman put her boyfriend up for sale on an online marketplace OLX and chose to feature him in the ‘Animals’ section for an added sting. She wrote, “I am selling my ex. His name is Omar Zeitoon. He is good-looking and calm, and he has long hair. He studies English law and drives a motorcycle.

She added that he was ‘scratch-free’ and that she would take any offered price for him. She also said she ‘didn’t find any section to present him in other than the animals section’. She did not mention what he did to offend her enough that she put him up for sale. The offer has since been deleted off of OLX.

The woman sold him under the animals section, saying she had no other choice. (Image source: Facebook/Omer Zaitoon)

An Egyptian photographer, Nour El-din Fkronh, saw the ad and reached out to Zeitoon. He then posted a photo of himself standing next to Zeitoon, writing, “I bought the lad who was being sold by his girlfriend on OLX.

Soon after, Zeitoon also posted a video of himself dancing around on a bike. He captioned the video, “I’m for sale.”

An Egyptian photographer saw the ad and ‘bought’ the ex-boyfriend. (Image source: Facebook/Nour El-din Fkronh)

Zaitoon posted a video of himself celebrating his sale on his Facebook account. (Image source: Facebook/Omer Zaitoon)

Since Fkronh shared the post, it went viral on Facebook. It has been liked 4,000 times, shared over 3,000 times and has more than 1,000 comments. Many took to saying they agreed with this method of revenge on ex-partners. Others tried to sell their friends, while some started crushing on Fkronh and Zeitoun. Many had a good laugh at the lethal jab at the ex while some wondered if the whole ad was orchestrated by Zaitoon himself. Meanwhile, everyone unanimously seems to be extremely curious about what Zeitoun could possibly have done to his ex-girlfriend to make her react this way.

Fkronh’s post has gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of comments since he posted it. (Image source: Facebook/Omer Zaitoon)

Zeitoon has not said anything about their relationship on his social media besides celebrating his own sale.

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