Jenna Dewan defends her decision to pose nude, saying it is unfair that mothers are expected to lose their sense of sexuality

by Asfa Shakeel

Jenna Dewan defends herself against the backlash on her decision to pose nude: she says she does not understand the judgment mothers get for their sexuality.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan defends her decision to pose nude. (Image source: Instagram/Jenna Dewan)

Dewan posed for Women’s Health Magazine‘s ‘Naked Truth’ cover, and the World of Dance star took her instructions seriously. The cover was done with Dewan fully in the nude, and she said she did not feel uncomfortable about it, explaining, “I’ve been a dancer my entire life, so I’m used to little clothing. You lose a sense of modesty.

She added that she does not understand the added judgment she gets for her clothing choices now that she is a mother. She recently posted a photo of herself clad only in lingerie on her social media, and faced severe backlash for the choice. Most of it seemed to center around the fact that as the mother of a five year old daughter, this behavior is not allowed to Dewan anymore.

Jenna Dewan

She received backlash for posting racy shots on social media. (Image source: Instagram/Jenna Dewan)

Addressing the backlash, she said, “Apparently, when you become a mother, you’re supposed to leave your sexuality at the door, and I never understood that. I think there’s nothing sexier than becoming a mother. You give life. It’s everything. And you don’t change who you are inside just because you have a kid.

Dewan also addressed the workouts she does to maintain her good feelings about herself and her body, but said that the goal of the workouts has shifted over time. She explained, “I really like to feel strong, and I like to feel curvy. And when I say ‘curvy,’ I mean ‘muscular.’ In the gym, I add more weight rather than increasing reps because I want to build muscle, so I can pick up my daughter. Before, it used to be like, ‘I wanna get long, lean muscles.’ Now, I’m just like, ‘I wanna feel strong and good.’

She also addressed her break up with Channing Tatum, her costar on Step Up. The couple took their on-screen chemistry and married in 2009 and it is with Tatum that Dewan had her 5 year old daughter, Everly, in 2013. Despite looking like the perfect couple for social media and their fanbase, the two called it quits earlier this year, much to the shock of the world.

Jenna Dewan

She gave birth to daughter Everly in 2013. (Image source: Instagram/Jenna Dewan)

Dewan said, “It’s been a journey, and it’s been a transformation of myself—my needs and wants as a woman. I think everyone wants to hold on to what’s in front of them, but when you open your mind, saying, ‘I want what’s best for myself and my daughter,’ you have to be okay with however that looks.

She added, “I feel I’ve been on a wave of growth. It does look different; it’s a new normal, and I really think we’ll get used to that.” And though she talks about the uncoupling with an air of practiced positivity, she admits it’s been far from painless. “It’s always challenging to go through a big change and have the whole world have an opinion about it.

Jenna Dewan

She added that since her divorce from Tatum, it has been tough but she has been on a growing curve. (Image source: Instagram/Jenna Dewan)

The season two finale of World of Dance airs later this month.

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